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from April 2010 Netherlands tour:


April, 2010


 "Dear Mary,

Thank you very much for a great experience.

I can already tell  you everything is changing 'bin hit by a ton of bricks'.

Last week when I was walking my dogs I seriously felt I was walking between worlds.

And the last few days some of my known patterns were flipped over for me to see the other side.

I almost thought that Pluto was bored and decided to play games with me. It gave me a new view at my life right now.

Ever since I chanted in my room the energy seems changed, it's amazing!"


Much love to you, Suzanne

Suzanne Weert  

Ysselsteyn,  Netherlands

 NEW CD Heartsong II:

April, 2010


 "Dear Mary,

I would like to share my feelings about your wonderful new CD Heartsong II.

Especially track 1 brings tears into my eyes and track 2 gives me goose pimples.

I use your CD with my Reiki healings in my practice and the energy in the room is very strong and beautiful.

I love you and your voice so much, it's always an honor to have you with me.

I hope this year you will come back and we will meet ( and hug !!! )

With love and light,



Joocke Scholte

Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands




January, 2011

"As Mary Jones was singing my personal light language, incredible images started flooding my consciousness, from botha distant past, my present, and future.  I felt I was traveling to the stars, to my devine origins and recreating my own destiny.  I have since listened many times to the recording she kindly made for me of that initial session and every time it feels like it's unraveling a deeper layer, bringing me closer to my radiant truth.  I cannot recommend her work enough." 
Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S. 
International Astrologer, Conference speaker, Writer 
Author of Astrology for Enlightenment (Atria Books, NY)


April, 2010


"I have one CD from you, and this is lovely. 
 And I loved the private session very much. The words you said, and sung. It gives me a feeling of space and freedom inside, gladness and lightness. (I do not know how to say that in the exact words in English..ha, ha,) Maybe you can translate this better!
And it felt like that blockages breaks through. It's a healing method for all the chakra's. It is simply to do because everyone can do this. We always have our voices with us!  It's our own instrument. "
Warm greetings,
Anny Lunshof,
Zeeland , Netherlands



On Oct 20th, 2007, I was honored to receive Mother Sarita's blessing for Heartsong after singing Heartsong for her at a sacred gathering in Madre Grande. She is the Mother of Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of "The Four Agreements".


"Tuesday, February 2, 2010
This past Sunday, I was very blessed to spend some time with a few new friends, where our purpose for gathering together was to allow our inner child room to play.

Our wonderful host, happens to be an incredible singer of "Heartsongs", a method of singing that resonates to the listener's heart. There is no other way to describe this experience, other than her voice being that of an Angel.
As she sang with no background music, there seemed to be a orchestra accompanying her as she performed her songs. The beauty of the harmonics heard in her voice, is clearly channelled from beyond.
Her Heartsongs unfolded clearly into a dialogue with my spirit, in a ancient language unbeknown to me.  My spirit felt as if the Angels were attuning me to a higher frequency, and aligning my energy centers (Chakras) as this process continued onward to completion.

During this process of experiencing Heartsong, each participant were drawing impressions of their individual experience, listing words and scenes on a piece of paper. I received the impression of an owl, and I heard the words "Owl People" and "Bright Eyes".
Being that I work with Animal Guides (Medicines) as one of my spiritual tools in my life, I was not surprised to receive this impression. However, this is a new Animal Guide showing up for me to experience its' presence and teachings. What it will bring is yet to be revealed to me in my life story. Usually when a new Animal Guide makes its' presence to me, it will be in my life experience for some time.

 If you would like to experience a sample of Mary Jone's Heartsongs and read more about her and her incredible gift. you can go directly to her website @:  www.felicitagrowthcenter.com "



"Sit back and watch the visuals from within your mind as these sounds create special energies that will stir you in ways you didn't expect!"

LEE CARROLL www.kryon.com

“You know, this CD is absolutely beautiful. I'm pretty scrutinizing and would definitely not say that to make you feel good. The recording quality is great and the vocals are an inspiration to me. Excellent use of selective reverb in the voice... I know it's not planned, but it is all so very tastefully done. You're on my wow list. Thank you so much for sharing this CD with me.
I called it balls, which it most certainly is, but maybe "guts" is a better term, to follow that guidance and really make something beautiful, inspiring, and tasteful. It is very difficult to intuit such sacred things and not express it in a way that comes across as "new age yahoo."
Not an ounce of "I'm on the moon thinking I'm connecting to people," vibe. Very genuine and solid, and you don't even have to reach to feel it. Again, a great honor to begin my new awareness in your home.
Not enough words.”
Matheu Bourque, San Diego, Ca


"The music on Heartsong is definitely that..."Heart SONG"...songs for the Heart and of the Heart. Mary's voice is transporting and beautiful lullabying you into deep dimensions of relaxation and renewal. Some songs inspire meditative movement--the sensation of reaching upwards to fly and the desire to lift your breast to the sky, expanding your heart. Other songs call you to rest in the embrace of the Divine Mother to receive her gentle caress. Heartsong, this beautiful and unique selection of music, is truly a sacred gift from the voice of Goddess."

Amalya www.goddess-studio.com



"When Mary hit certain notes, it was almost as if the overtones were so strong I couldn't hear the note anymore. I was being pushed into another dimensional reality . It was very healing!"
Steve Rother
Author and Spokesman for "the group."

"Jon and I both experienced Mary Jones' HeartSong sessions.
I will share what I felt. It was as if past and present simultaneously existed at the same time.
I was fully aware of what was happening.
There was an immeadiate connection to such a magnificant and oure energy.
I felt as if I was in what I perceive as heaven. A connection to the future that seemed endless.
Marys sessions are experiential, private and intimate."

Charmaine Lee www.foundationforinsight.com

Steve Rother's personal experience during Heartsong:

"This is really more about my personal experience, so it's really not about the healing modality as about what it activated in me.
I had left this whole book written this beautiful story and you were reading me this story that I wrote to myself in another lifetime it was incredibly familiar & yet I couldn't quite remember where it was going, It was a story I wanted to tell myself, it was very important.
Also the incredible feeling of fame or wealth or both, but very high up, well to do, very comfortable, very powerful too. That was fun."

Steve Rother
Author and Spokesman for "the group."

Published in the March and June 2007 Planet Lightworker newsletter
Heartsong: Extraordinary Languages of Light & Vibration

“"Heartsong is an incredible vibrational healing tool for alignment and personal revelation. Channeled by PLW staff member, Mary Jones, I can personally attest that listening to one of Mary's public performances - or better yet, having your own personal Vibrational alignment sessions with Heartsong/Heartspeak, is a truly extraordinary healing experience.”

Sandie Sedgbeer, PLW Editor www.planetlightworker.com


"Receiving a HeartSong telephone session with Mary Jones transported me to a state of feeling complete union with divine source. I felt tremendous clarity hearing Mary's spoken words in a language my rational mind could not immediately decipher, but which my heart and soul fully understood. As my mind let go and I relaxed into the HeartSong experience, Mary sang full angelic tones which accompanied a sensation of myself lifting upward out of my physical body and up to a place of complete unconditional love where all concerns of my daily life fell away.
As the song ended and Mary spoke some closing words, the healing energy I felt pulsing and tingling in every cell in my body put me in such a delicious trance that I had difficulty speaking or moving for half an hour after the session came to close ... with a relaxed, energized feeling similar to how I've felt after receiving the best energy healing or full body massage. Anyone interested in experiencing the bliss of divine communion will be forever positively transformed by HeartSong

-- Cynthia Sue Larson, www.realityshifters.com, author of "Aura Advantage"



From Cigdem Askoy visiting here August 2006 from Istanbul, Turkey to study Montessori methods, as she was planning to work with children in Istanbul.

“"I had the information of collective consciousness of children were there with me. They wanted to thank me for the work I have been doing here in San Diego for being at service for children. Today is my last day of my course for Montessori and I am leaving tomorrow to go home. My work here for this time is over. So they wanted to thank me and honor my light within me. They acknowledged to me that they will be supporting and guiding me with my work for children. They put a gift into my heart. It was a key for the doors waiting to be opened for so long. I am so thankful to Ms Mary Jones for her kindness and gentleness and for her big big big heart."”


“I remember you!
Do you remember me???”

Cigdem Askoy


Heartsong, by Mary Jones is a powerful experience. Mary’s beautiful soothing voice brought a heightened level of inner strength, peace and awareness. I felt the power and presence of healing energy pass into me as the tones and vibrations resonated through. Heartsong brings an awe-inspiring, nurturing and comforting familiarity that is unforgettable.
Catherine Millman, LLC Holistic Practitioner, St Louis, Mo

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In Love & Light, Mary Jones