Felicita Grounds Jan 2009

For those living overseas, here are some January 2009 pics of the Felicita Grounds

Side view of fish pond


Cretan Labyrinth

Sept 6th, 2008:

We now have a beautiful Labyrinth here at Felicita Growth Center for Meditation and Ceremonial use!  

With the help of very dear friends/healers, a beautiful and powerful Cretan Labyrinth was created here at FGC where the sweat lodge used to be.
Sharon Price brought her wisdom and knowledge, some beautiful rocks and her singing crystal bowls for the creation and installation ceremony. Her lovely daughter Araceli also attended, and so did Grace Kenealy and Bruce Stukey.

Everyone contributed stones that were special to them, bringing their beautiful energy and loving intent to this site.

Sharon laying the pattern...


Naylin Lage Channel

Nov 25th, 2008 Naylin Lage Channel


<><><>Maria Yraceburu <><><><><><><><><><><><>Naylin Lage<><><><><>


Nov 1st Samhain

Nov 1st Samhain

Samhain ritual led by Morgaine was wonderful!
Much healing took place in this ritual.
This was followed by great feasting as Jen cooked a multicourse dinner from scratch!
These ritual gatherings have really become a special time for Family to gather.

Morgaine giving blessing


Human Angel conference Netherlands

July 30th thru August 24th Hamburg and Elspeet, Holland:

I attended Steve Rother's First International Human Angel Conference in Elspeet, Holland. What a great week! The Menorrode retreat center is in the middle of a beautiful forrest (you have to take care as you take walks in the forrest if you run into the wild pigs!)

Steve and Barbara Rother

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