Mission Statement

Founded June 2004

Welcome to Felicita Center!


“We are living in an exciting and challenging time. Most of us are facing personal problems in our work, our relationships, finances, or health. Even more overwhelming are the problems confronting humanity as a whole. Yet, more than ever before in history, we have the opportunity to transform our lives and planet. Today’s challenges can only be met powerfully and effectively through a shift in consciousness. Whatever each of us does individually has a profound impact on us all.”

- Shakti Gawain
The Path of Transformation: How Healing Ourselves Can Change the World

Few would doubt that humanity is evolving. As more and more of us awaken to the true nature of our existence as spiritual beings enjoying a human experience, the quest for spiritual guidance and reconnection with the divine self is rapidly intensifying.

Like many other such ‘Centers of Service’ currently emerging around the globe, the Felicita Center has been specifically established to serve the needs of the ever-increasing community of spiritual seekers awakening to the discovery of the true power of their infinite selves.

The intention behind the creation of this space is to create an opportunity for both seasoned and new spiritual seekers to explore new paradigms of thought and a variety of modalities and spiritual practices in a safe and supportive atmosphere where all are honored as fellow travelers on the sacred path to awareness.

Mary Jones