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A registered nurse since 1973, the Felicita Center was born out of Mary Jones’ desire to create a safe, nurturing, empowering environment in which to explore and expand one’s awareness of the many different methods and tools currently emerging to aid and assist one’s personal growth and self-healing.

Following a lengthy career as a surgical nurse and catastrophic case manager, Mary had many experiences that showed her that there are so many ways we can heal and empower ourselves. She is a reverend, a Okaah yedabik' ehi...priest, channel, Facilitates healing with Heartsong,and is a Reiki Master. Mary also is a Spiritual Life Coach.

Mary completed her studies as an Overlight Transition Team Facilitator, and as a facilitator in the Overlight modality of Spiritual Psychology in 2004. In 2005 she became certified as an Overlight Spiritual Communication facilitator, and in Overlight Relationshifts in 2007. She has also studied Shamanism, explored quantum physics, and has discovered how powerful we are in creating our own reality.
Mary continues to expand her knowledge in many areas, and wishes to encourage others to celebrate their own path to Self discovery and growth.

"I will share my Dream with you:

A few years ago, I affirmed to Spirit that I wanted to be the best teacher and healer I could be, to facilitate the best and highest good for All That Is. I wanted to be of service. My life began to shift, and I had major life changes including a divorce, change of location, and careers. The old life has been transformed into a wonderful new field of possibilities!

I am practicing my birthright to create my reality consciously. As an ongoing student, I feel I am ever expanding with every insight , and truly blessed with abundance in all good things. My life of service is unfolding. I have taken several major leaps of faith, and I am getting practice daily in trusting in my ability to co create my reality with the Divine.

The Felicita Center is a gift of Love to all. It is in my home to remind us that we are all family. I have seen on many occasions, that when spiritual teachers and healers get together, a beautiful thing happens. They open their hearts and share with each other, nurturing each other, networking, daring to step out and offer new modalities of healing and increasing self awareness. These offerings facilitate self empowerment, personal and spiritual growth.

Everyone who comes here to attend workshops, seminars, ceremony and concerts feel this beautiful vibration, and all benefit"

In love and service, Mary Jones